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Tuesday May 18 2021 
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Table Officiating

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Scoresheet example here (print and refer to on the table)


Qualification Information:

All local league teams are required to have at least two level 2 table official on the table for each game. We have two table official tutors in WEBBA: Laura Miller and Tony Malley. Laura is also the Regional Rep for table officials in the South West. Tony is also the development officer within the WEBBA league. If you need to get qualified at level 1 or 2 please contact them (Laura / Tony). If you are interested in progressing to a higher level as a table official you may also contact them.  



Level 1 No experience required Short practical course of 2 hours Assessed on scorebook and game clock


Able to officiate at school/CVL games
No exam paper
Level 2 Some basketball knowledge recommended Course of 3 hours duration including theory exam paper Score 3 games   6 games to be approved by qualified referees. One score sheet to be assessed by course tutor
Time 3 games


To be played under FIBA rules  
Level 3 Experienced Table Official - Minimum of one-year experience as a Level 2. Course of 4 hours duration with emphasis on shot clock rule, and including theory exam paper Theory paper   Must pass theory exam before commencing assessment games. Score and time assessments by Level 3 qualified referees.
Practical assessment on games of top regional league standard as a Scorer; Timekeeper; and Shot Clock operator   Shot Clock assessment by Table Officials assessor



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