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WEBBA Documents 2019-2020
Sep 9, 2019, 9:41 pm

Please find below useful documents for the season 2019-2020



2018-19 WEBBA Finals photos by JS Sport Photos
Jun 16, 2019, 10:25 pm

WEBBA Finals day images are now available at the link below


these images were provided by JS Sport Photography

AGM Committee Reports
May 11, 2019, 9:47 pm

Ahead of the 2019 AGM please find below committee member reports (updated once reports received)

WEBBA AGM June 19th 2019
May 9, 2019, 9:10 pm

The following information has been sent to all team secretaries. It contains important information for everyone involved in WEBBA, please take 5 minutes to read. 

Hi All - Just to remind everyone that Webba has now organised the annual AGM as follows

AGM 2019 : Webba AGM is booked in for June 19th 2019 : 7.30 – 9.00 at Abbeywood School 

All clubs have to be represented at this meeting – Failure to have a club representative attending will involve a fine being issued. This year’s meeting is particularly important as we do need to appoint and re-elect several new committee members.

The Committee : 

As you are aware Committee members give an incredible amount of their own time to ensure you can play and enjoy the sport you love and without people willing to give their time to ensure the smooth running of the competitions’ - Webba would not exist. As an organisation we are well aware that improvements and new initiatives are always worth discussion and we would always value input / ideas from clubs and individuals as to how Webba can move forward.

If you wish to get involved or know someone who might consider supporting basketball in the West of England - please consider the following

New Committee Members required:– We have several members retiring or not seeking re-election next year and we now have several roles to be filled including

Vice Chair  
General Secretary  
Discipline Officer  

The constitution will also be updated to add Discipline and Safeguarding as formal committee roles.

There will be some movement and flexibility as some existing members will seek election in different roles with some possible doubling up but whatever happens we will still require several new members next year - Please get back to us with any questions if you are unsure of what role expectations and commitment might be – I can however reassure you that everyone is very supportive and helpful.


As you are aware the league can only be successfully run through clubs supplying referees to officiate the games –This has not been always complied with by some teams / individuals - Clubs must ensure that their designated referees are available as follows -

· In time for the referee secretary to allocate schedules as requested by the referees secretary
· With enough availability in the month to be supportive to the league. 

Any teams not complying will be automatically fined – We do realise situations change but clubs do need to contact and explain any difficulties so we can consider the excuse before any fine is issued - This will be strongly enforced again next year but we would like clubs to look at this issue through the Summer to ensure they have referees available as required for the new season. Any new referees will always be supported as they gain more experience so please encourage players to get involved. 

Fixture Days: Referee shortage continue to ensure significant difficulties on Fridays and Sundays - We would like to request that any clubs hosting games on these days consider being more flexible by either moving the game day or investigate an alternative reserve day where they could reschedule when allocation of referee issues arise. It would also be helpful if these teams offered additional referee availability on these nights. 

If your playing day remains as a Friday or a Sunday we would warn you in advance that there will be times throughout the season where Webba might make the decision to reschedule your game. This is not a decision taken lightly but is beyond our control when so many referees do not make themselves available on a Friday or Sunday. We would hope all teams affected support us in taking this line. 

The option of having a backup day / venue would therefore be supportive if rescheduling games becomes a requirement  

Tip Times : Webba does recognise the difficulty in hiring facilities that match reasonable tip times however we are having significant difficulties in finding referees for very late tip times at some venues - ( an additional issue is the non availability of local referees in some areas ) - Some difficult tip times include 8.30 and 8.45 which when you take in travel time can mean referees and players might not get home to 11.00 to 11.30, which on a work night is an unreasonable expectation. 

We are requesting initially that teams ensure tip times should be no later than 8.15 - We are aware that this might entail a change of venue but we would request you investigate the possibility of different nights or venues for the new season to meet this request. ( but not Friday or Sunday) 

If there is no movement on this - Webba`s next step will be a definitive rule stipulating latest tip times.

I have outlined some of the issues we have had to address throughout the season but would really like to end on a massively positive note and thank all clubs for their commitment, flexibility and support throughout the season. It has been great having some new teams joining the league this year adding some great competition. The women’s league has kept us all on our toes this year and we hope next year to build on the strength of this years competition.

What can we do better – We always welcome ideas – Registration deadlines - re player recruitment – end of season player shortages – league structure / competition - Play offs - number of National League players in team etc etc – let us know - all ideas will be discussed -- Please consider putting your name forward to join the committee or at least email ideas as we always welcome input to making changes and improving Webba.

Many thanks, 🏀🏀🏀


Mens Final League Tables
May 6, 2019, 10:14 pm

Congratulations to Bristol Hurricanes on finishing as Division 1 Champions

Congratulations to Bristol Met on finishing as Division 2 Champions

Congratulations to Lockleaze Old Boys on finishing as Division 3 Champions

WEBBA Womens League - Final Table 2018-2019
May 1, 2019, 8:17 pm

Congratulations to Braves Women finish as Womens League Champions


Strathclyde Masters 2019
Apr 12, 2019, 9:03 am

 60+: Another Masters first for WEBBA men.  

WEBBA has been represented at GB Masters events since the team below - coached by the late, great Robbie Henderson - played in the 40+ men's category at the 8th tournament, held in Exeter in 2003.

WEBBA men have played at every GB Masters since then, but only started appearing in other International Masters events when Pete Radford was invited to play for Strathclyde’s 60+ team in the 3rd Strathclyde Masters at Easter 2016.  He played for them again when they won the Galway 60+ trophy in 2017 and again when they came 2nd to Galway/Harlem in 2018.

Galway 2018 was also the first time that a WEBBA 40+ Men’s team played in this great Irish event, as reported in Webba news by player-coach Densil Williamson after the tournament.

WEBBA first entered a 50+ Men’s team with this small but effective squad at Dundee in 2013.

Rich Wills, number 4, had badly sprained his ankle the week before travelling (note the strapping), so only stepped on court for the tip-off to say he’d played.  He then coached the team admirably the rest of the weekend, doing a grand job of keeping all five players happy with their court time.  The story of the weekend, though, was when Rich phoned around to try to get a 6th player. Mark Warren was in the south of France house-sitting, or dog-sitting, or both, and dropped everything, got on his motorbike and rode from The Pyrenees to Dundee in time for their Sunday morning tip-off.  Think of that whenever you hear someone say of a person, ‘they’ll go the extra mile’.  The team photo was taken on the Saturday, while he was burning rubber on a French motorway, but he’s in the next one.

Strathclyde Masters 6th International Basketball Tournament, Paisley, April 5th-7th, 2019

Last weekend, finally, Pete was able to get together the area’s first ever 60+ team to contest an international masters event.  Strathclyde hosted seven women’s 45+ teams, eight 50+ men’s teams and four 60+ men’s teams from the UK and Europe.  

Five players with very long associations with WEBBA made the trip; Paul Ambrosius (who first played WEBBA 40+ in Aberdeen 2004), Ken Nottage (who lit up WEBBA courts for Stroud in the early 2000s, after a distinguished, 19-year national league career for five different clubs, and England honours at every junior level, finishing with 58 appearances for the senior men), Pete Radford (WEBBA from 1976 with KBI and Lockleaze to the present day – with an 8-year sabbatical with Pirates), Gordon Shovlin (Webba with Lockleaze since 86 to the present day) and Mark Warren (Empees) of the epic motorbike ride.  They were joined by Ray Kirk from Exeter, Steve Murray from Oxford, Richard Herbert from Hertfordshire (England U16 Schoolboys), and the Welsh Police and British Police basketball legend that is Clive Jones from Bridgend (alongside the very long and distinguished police teams career, Clive also represented Wales at U15, U19 and Senior Men for 13 years from 78-91).  

To reflect the slightly wider-than-Webba make-up of the team, they called themselves Severnside, being a side from both shores (and slightly inland) of our region’s great river, estuary and sea.  But they wore WEBBA’s colours with pride.

Note that Gordon and Pete were pioneers for WEBBA at all three Masters age levels.  If you’re wondering why Paul Ambrosius isn’t in the picture, he orignally told former Derby area teammates that he would play for them, but switched his allegiance to Severnside once he knew there was a team from his home area.  When they turned up with only six players (including his 74 years old former juniors coach; still playing extremely well!) to play Severnside in their first game on Saturday, Paul felt duty-bound to honour his first commitment, so it was agreed that he would play for them.  

That first game was tough, but Severnside gelled from the first minute and withstood everything Derby threw at them, including lots of elbows, to win by ten points.  In game two on Saturday afternoon they met the hosts, Strathclyde, who had never lost their own 60+ tournament.  The Severnside chemistry was even better than in the first game and they beat the hosts by 16 points, with every player contributing in all departments.

Strathclyde tournament dinners are noted for their hospitality and entertainment, so the Severnside boys played another blinder to take it easy on the liquids and the dancing, thinking ahead to an early appointment with Shannon at ten o’clock on Sunday morning.  Shannon is a very experienced, wily side, containing several former Irish internationals. They have contested 60+ tournaments all over Europe for almost a decade.  Regardless, our boys continued to play even better than the previous two games to win by eighteen points.

Despite having played three, won three, with a +44 points-for difference, the tournament was set-up to provide a final at 3pm for the top two teams. Unfortunately for Severnside, Ken Nottage’s flight home was at 3pm because he had to get back to Cheltenham to coach his home team in a cup semi-final.  

Having done the right and honourable thing in loaning Paul Ambrosius to Derby at the start of the tournament, they were hoping to have him back to replace Ken when Derby lost their last game to Strathclyde.  If Derby had won, Severnside would have played them in the final, but Strathclyde’s win by double figures put them into second place.  Understandably, the organisers (both Strathclyde players) insisted that the ‘players can only play for one team in an age group’ rule had to apply.

Even with just seven players, and without Ken’s dependable ball-handling, distribution and points-scoring, the game was neck and neck until the last two minutes.  Severnside lost the first quarter by three points, but won the second by one and the third by another three, to start the fourth quarter up by a single point.  The game slipped away when, through epic defensive efforts, two Severnsiders fouled out and another pulled his groin and they were left with only four on court.  Strathclyde’s defence was just as heroic, but they had seven players on their bench to replace the fouled-out and wounded.  Five Strathclyders were able find the gaps to score the winning points against just four remaining Severnsiders, to avoid the embarrassment of having their trophy stolen away by the newbie team from the south west.  

Nevertheless, played four, won three, lost one (with the best for and against difference of all four teams) in their first ever 60+ tournament was a great effort.  Well done to all involved.

The team was hoping to be able to contest the Dublin International in May and the GB in Manchester in June, but other commitments mean that they will have to wait until the Galway International in November to get together again and give all the other teams another fright.  

AGM Reports
Jun 16, 2018, 10:33 pm

Below are the reports received ahead of the AGM.


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