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Braves II

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#Name Position 
23811Joshua ALLEN
23812Sam ARNOLD
23841Jason BARSTOW Played Up I 17/11 II 12/1
23813Ryan BLACK
23814Davide De MOLA Played up 20/04,24/04
23815Matt DOHERTY
23816Benjamin GILES
23846Christopher GOODFELLOW Played Up II 03/12
23818Dominic HELLER
23856Paul KILKELLY Trfr from Braves III Oct
23827Ashley LEWIS League Only 17/18
23819Aaron LUCEY Trfr from Braves III Oct
23820John-Paul OKWARA Played Up I 17/11
23821Matt OTRIDGE
23849Liam PAYNE Played up II
23828Matteo RAGONI League Only 17/18
23822Joe RICH Played Up I 17/11,20/04
23850Jake ROBERTS Played up 22/04
23823Edward SCHWARZ Played up 24/04
23829Jamal SHAW League Only Feb 2018
23864Steven STANTON Played up 08/04
6454George VARNEY Played up 24/04
23824David WILLIAMS Played up II 10/11
23852Mateusz ZIELINSKI

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